Employment Application

Click the link below to download the employment application.

You may return it to us in person at our Ponchatoula or Amite location, or by mail, fax or email to the address listed on the application.

If you wish to apply for a CDL Driving position, both applications are required.

CDL Drivers Application for Employment.pdf
Employment Application

Credit Card On File Authorization

Need to send other people in to purchase items for you?

Want to track your purchase history with our easy online application?

Have a credit card?

Then this account type is for you. We can store your credit card information securely in our server, and every time a purchase is made, it will automatically be billed to the card. You may set up as many authorized persons as you wish, and we can have the receipts automatically emailed to you so you know exactly when purchases are made and what was purchased. No credit check required. Just fill out the form below and stop by with your card for the easy one-time set up.

Credit Card on File Authorization

Application for 30 Day Account

Credit application for 30 Day Revolving Credit Account

All charges made are due in full on the 10th of the following month.

New home construction customers should supply their bank information, we will verify that the loan has been approved and closed, and no credit check will be run.

Customers who wish to put the account in their business name will need to sign the guaranty form in addition to the application.

Credit Application for 30 Day Account
Guaranty Agreement for Business Accounts