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What You Need To Know About Paint Sheens

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There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform your home in only a day! This inexpensive DIY project is popular among homeowners looking for an easy way to update any room. Picking out paint samples is a fun part of the painting process, but it's important to consider how the different types of paint sheens will affect how the color looks in a room. Paint sheens can turn a cheery, sunny yellow into a bold, bright hue, so it's important to know the differences to pick the right paint for your project. 

Items Every Homeowner Should Have On Hand

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Have you ever run into this situation? You're in the middle of a home improvement project when you suddenly realize you don't have a particular item that will allow you to complete it. At Gabriel Building Supply, we'll make sure your project is completed in no time! That's why we've made this list of the most common items homeowners should have on hand. Having these items around will help your home improvement or DIY project go smoothly.