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7 Features to Consider in a Custom Kitchen Pantry

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Some home features may have gone the way of Victorian-era horse and buggies, but new homeowners still appreciate a generous-sized kitchen pantry. If you’re a custom home builder or just a homeowner looking to upgrade your kitchen, consider these custom kitchen pantry ideas to add value, convenience, and functionality to the kitchen environment.

5 Creative Uses For Leftover Lumber

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Whether you’re a professional or a DIYer, it’s likely that you have a corner of your garage dedicated to housing leftover lumber. It’s too valuable to toss, but you haven’t yet thought of a way to make use of it. That’s why we’ve come up with these five creative uses for leftover lumber. You can make these with both larger and smaller pieces of wood, for either your own personal use or to offer your clients as a bonus on their homebuilding order. [...]

5 Easy DIY Curb Appeal Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

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This spring, why not spruce up the exterior of your home with these five DIYcurb appeal projects. You'll be greeted by the warmth and charm of your house every time you arrive home, and your guests will appreciate it, too!

1. Jazz Up Your Front Door

Your front door is kind of like a handshake for your visitors. You definitely have a chance to make a good first impression here on your doorstep. The easiest way is to apply a fresh coat of stain or paint. if you decide to paint, don't be shy about using a contrasting, but complementary color. This adds interest to your home and you can repeat the color on window shutters if you like. If the front door is old and worn, consider replacing it. Newdoorsaresurprisingly easy to install. Consult with your hardware store rep for instructions on how to measure for a replacement door. [...]